Apollon Market Review and Tutorial

WARNING: Apollon Market is in the process of exit scamming! Do not use. 

Apollon Market Review and Tutorial

WARNING: Apollon Market is in the process of exit scamming! Do not use. 

Apollon is an escrow darknet market hosted on Tor. It sells a large variety of items, including drugs, carded goods, pirated software and malware, and premium accounts on various websites. At the time of this writing, it only accepts bitcoin for payment. 















Subdread: http://dreadditevelidot.onion/d/Apollon/

Offline URLs



How to Access Apollon Market

Tor Browser

As with most other darknet markets, Apollon is hosted on Tor, meaning that you’ll need the Tor Browser (or its mobile equivalent) to access it. See our tutorial How to Access Tor (.Onion) Sites for more details.

Creating an Account

apollon register

Account creation on Apollon is similar to many of the other markets as well. As on most of these sites, it requires the following information:


  • Username – a unique username with which you’ll log into the site

  • Password – self-explanatory, but make sure that it’s a strong password, and that it isn’t the same one you’ve used on other sites. See our article Has Your Password Been Leaked? for more information.

  • 6-digit PIN – your PIN will be used to deposit and withdraw coins for transactions.


You also have the option of entering:


  • Login Phrase – a unique phrase to verify that you’re on the correct site and not a phishing site.

  • Jabber ID – the ID you use for Jabber/XMPP, if you have one.

  • ICQ ID – the ID you use for ICQ, if you have one.

  • E-mail address – an optional email address for contact.

  • URL of your website

  • Signature text – like your login phrase, this can be used as a way to identify yourself.

  • PGP Public Key – in addition to signing messages, your PGP public key will also be used to deposit and withdraw coins on the market.

After you complete at least the username, password, and PIN, you should be registered.

Interface and Functions

If you have experience with other markets, it should come as no surprise that Apollon is quite similar. As on many other popular markets, Apollon has a “user menu” across the top with options like “Home,” “FAQ,” and “PGP,” while the categories are displayed on the left sidebar, and listings in the center, like so:


apollon interface edited

When clicking on a particular category, the site will display listings pertaining to that category. Below the categories list is the search function, which we will go into more detail about below.


In the upper right-hand corner, you’ll find a menu called “My Profile,” which has the following options:


  • Deposit & Withdrawal – to deposit or withdraw bitcoins

  • My Listings – listings that you have for sale

  • Affiliate – a referral link that you can share

  • My Favourites – sellers that you have designated as favourites

  • My Blacklist – this only applies to vendors; it is a list of customers you have blacklisted from buying your products (for instance, if they did not pay properly).

  • Forum – link to the site’s forum. At the time of this writing, it’s closed.

  • Support – fill out support tickets (see section below).

  • Logout

In general, Apollon seems very easy to learn and to use. It may have its idiosyncrasies, as most sites do, but as a whole, it functions well.


Categories and Listings

Apollon has a wide variety of categories and listings. The “Drugs” category is one of the largest, second only to “Digital Goods.” These numbers are accurate at the time of this writing, but will change. Here’s the breakdown:


  • Fraud – 398

    • Accounts & Bank Drops – 118

    • CVV & Cards – 90

    • Dumps & Tracks – 0

    • Personal Information & Scans – 85

    • Other - 105

  • Drugs – 2267

    • Cannabis & Hashish – 925

    • Stimulants – 338

    • Ecstasy – 187

    • Opiates – 151

    • Benzodiazepenes – 182

    • Psychedelic – 195

    • Mushrooms – 0

    • Prescriptions – 90

    • Steroids – 96

    • Dissociatives – 51

    • Accessories – 0

    • Tobacco – 0

    • Weight loss – 26

    • Other - 26

  • Guides and Tutorials – 639

    • Drugs – 27

    • Fraud – 190

    • Hacking – 95

    • Other - 327

  • Fakes – 73

    • IDs – 8

    • Bills – 57

    • Other - 8

  • Digital Goods – 2307

    • Software – 270

    • License (keys) – 0

    • Legit softwares [sic] – 38

    • Other - 1999

  • Armory – 47

    • Ammunitions – 2

    • Pistols – 43

    • Explosives – 1

    • Other - 1

  • Carded Items – 14

    • Clothing – 0

    • Electronic Stuff – 3

    • Digital – 1

    • Other - 10

  • Services -124

    • Social Engineering – 1

    • Carding – 3

    • Hacking – 25

    • Cracking – 2

    • Other - 93

  • Software & Malware – 48

    • Botnets & Malware – 11

    • RAT & Trojans – 1

    • Exploit Kits – 1

    • Security Softwares [sic] – 11

    • Other – 24

  • Hosting & Security – 44

    • Hosting & Domains – 3

    • VPN – 23

    • Socks – 4

    • Proxy – 3

    • Bulletproof & Services – 0

    • Other - 11

  • Other - 9

Search Functions and Filters

apollon market search

Apollon has a useful search function, which is similar to that on quite a few other markets. You can use its basic search function, where you just type in the name of a product and look it up, or you can be more specific using the filters, which are as follows:

  • Product type – Digital goods or physical goods

  • Payment method – any, Full Escrow 100%, or Full FE 100%

  • Price Range – enter a price range

  • Ships from – choose a country from the list

  • Ships to – choose a country from the list

  • Order by – most popular listings, most popular sellers, newest listings, oldest listings, lower price, higher price

  • Listing type – listings with unlimited quantity, listings with limited quantity, listings with auto-fulfill

  • Listings availability – all, listings in stock, listings out of stock

  • Vendor level – filter from 1 to 5

  • Starting by – filter by a vendor’s trust level, from 1-5

How to Choose a Vendor

Choosing a vendor can be a tricky process, as there isn’t always a guarantee that what you see is what you get. Even so, one of the ways that you can get a feel for which vendors are helpful is by their “seller level” and “trust level,” which, as mentioned above, range from 1-5.

apollon vendor profile

Also, on a vendor’s profile, he will have a badge designating if he is verified by the market, and if he is trusted or not (as shown above). If the vendor has had a large amount of negative feedback from buyers, his trust level is likely to be lower.

Conclusively, you will have to take a gamble and purchase an item to find out whether or not a vendor is trustworthy. If your experience turns out to be unfavorable, then you can include this in your feedback.

How to Buy Products

To buy a product, find it in the listings and then click on it; you’ll be taken to a separate page for that specific item. Here you’ll find additional information, such as the seller’s trust level, where the product ships from (or to), the product class, and other data.

apollon product listing

You’ll also see a menu on which you can select postage options, such as “Normal Envelope Worldwide” or “Package with free tracking worldwide.” Below this, you can select the quantity of whichever item you’re about to obtain. When you’ve finished specifying all of these options, then hit the green “Buy Now” button.

If you do not have enough bitcoin in your wallet, however, you will be asked to deposit funds on the following page. On the deposit page, you’ll see a BTC address to which you should send any bitcoins you want to spend. To withdraw them, you’ll have to specify your BTC address and the amount, plus enter your PIN and fill out a CAPTCHA.

Note: if you enter your PIN incorrectly six times, your account will be banned; this is done as a security measure.

When you finish this whole process, you’ll see a final page on which you can verify your purchase. If all goes well, you should receive it; if not, it’s best to let others know in the feedback section.


At the time of this writing, Apollon’s forum is offline, so we weren’t able to review it. As an alternative, you might be able to discuss it on general forums like The Hub or DNM Avengers.


apollon support

Like most other markets, Apollon has a support feature. It may be a bit tricky to find this at first; it’s listed under the “My Profile” menu. When filling out a support ticket, they require this information:


  • Subject – a basic summary of your issue

  • Category – the type of issue you’re having, such as “Login and Signup Problems.”

  • Text message – describe your problem in detail; the more detail you use, the better.

  • Captcha Code – enter the captcha as displayed.

Once you’ve entered this information, hit the green “Send/Ask help” button. It may take some time for support to get back to you, but they will eventually.

Pros and Cons


  • Large variety of items in many different categories

  • Simple interface that’s easy to learn

  • Has a good support system and FAQ


  • Forum is currently offline

  • Only accepts bitcoin, no other cryptocurrencies

  • Certain item categories are empty (at the time of this writing); this may change in the future.