Dark Web Social Network GuanXi Officially Opens

Dark Web Social Network GuanXi Officially Opens

Earlier this month, a new Tor social network by the name of GuanXi (also known as Psycho Social Network 3.0) opened for registration. The derivation of the name is a Chinese word that is sometimes translated as “connections” or “relationships.”

The site’s Tor link is at GuanXi v3 onion. Former members of the original Psycho Social Network, which law enforcement agencies had shut down, have begun to sign up on the site. Although it isn’t online yet, GuanXi will eventually have an I2P address as well at GuanXi I2P link.  At its most basic, GuanXi features a Facebook-like interface, with a news feed, groups, pages, events, blogs, etc. Also, like Facebook, GuanXi has a friend suggestions feature (known as “People You May Know” on Facebook), and a “Memories” feature, which becomes active as you post more frequently.

As was the case on Psycho Social Network, GuanXi is mostly uncensored. Images and videos of gore and death (such as you might see on a site like LiveLeak or Best Gore) are allowed and even encouraged. The only type of content that is not allowed, according to the rules, is child pornography; everything else is fair game.

Those unfamiliar with the dark web seem to believe that most of it contains dark and horrifying content, like red rooms, in part because of the numerous creepypastas that describe it as such. If that’s the type of material that someone is seeking, then GuanXi might be an appropriate social network for them (though it’s not a red room, per se). To illustrate, you can create a page on GuanXi, analgous to Facebook’s Page feature. The suggestions for page categories include “BDSM,” “Erotica,” “Fetishes,” and “Sick Games & Self-Harm.” Were you to create such a page on Facebook, it might raise more than a few eyebrows.

As of right now, GuanXi is one of the few social networks of its type on Tor. Two others that are known at this time are Connect and Galaxy3, which, like GuanXi, have a similar format to Facebook (news feed, groups, etc.). While other similar sites existed in the past, many of these have gone offline or have been seized by law enforcement.

Ironically, the real Facebook is on Tor as well, at http://facebookcorewwwi.onion, but despite being on Tor, it continues to have the same privacy invasion issues that it does on the clearnet. Therefore, GuanXi seems like it has certainly found its niche in the dark web social circle and just may stick around this time.