Darknet Market BitBazaar Conducts Exit Scam

The darknet market BitBazaar is exit scamming.

Darknet Market BitBazaar Conducts Exit Scam

UPDATE: When attempting to access the site now, it displays a 502 - Bad Gateway error.

According to a post on Dread, the darknet market BitBazaar is exit scamming and should not be used. The poster, /u/Eclipse211, is a former moderator of the market. The post reads as follows:


I am moderator on Bitbazaar ,Admin yesterday claim that he pushed an update but today :

All the mods removed.
Admin profile removed.
BitAsk dont work
Vendors can't access to their panel.
Withdraw page redirect to home.
Support dont work.


Ex-mod of BB

To see the full thread, click here: http://dreadytofatroptsdj6io7l3xptbet6onoyno2yv7jicoxknyazubrad.onion/post/c88221c82229fda350ce. At present, BitBazaar is still online, but according to other participants in the thread, they have not been able to open their wallets or panels (user controls) on the site. Thus, the post appears to be truthful. 

/u/Eclipse211 goes on to say that they believe that the site was hacked, rather than being taken over by law enforcement:

As we already know BB got hacked .
I read somewhere that the amount that hacker stole was 170k ,Admin ensure me that they hacked BB's hot wallet on hacker stolen less than 4 BTC however the exit scam clearly proved that he lost more than 4 btc.
He told me " it's just a pay day for the hacker".

Yesterday told me "I am pushing the update ,it will takes 6hours currently we proceed withdrawals manual"
Indeed until 19:00 UTC all pending withdrawals completed.
I am sure that the guy who typed behing account "Admin" yesterday was the real admin of BB.

I logout 19:00 UTC.

I dont think that take over LE because administrator had excellent opsec .

Who knows.

Several other vendors and mods confirmed that they were not able to access their moderator panels or wallets either. It is recommended that those who have been using the site as either buyers or vendors remove any coins they might have from their wallets and delete their accounts. Likewise, buyers should not attempt to make any further purchases at this time.