Here are a few ways in which you can seize control of your wi-fi router



A router is an essential piece of networking device that is used to transmit communication packets between computers. Router hacking successfully works after hacking the Wi-Fi security of a router then bypassing the executive login page of the router. If logging into your home Wi-Fi router feels difficult for you, use this IP Access guide to log in to the default IP address and configure your router accordingly. Once the hacker gets admin access, they have the right to make changes. The hacker can leave the router exposed and create backdoors. They can also use the client's router to hide some other illegal activities by routing the traffic with the router.


RouterSploit is a famous and portable hacking tool that hackers use to target routers. The device is developed by using Python Programming Language. With the help of Python, this tool has automated many tasks depending upon hacking and compromising the routers. The tool was developed after Metasploit and can be easily used by people with hands-on experience with Metasploit. It has scanning and exploitation models, which are available in Kali Linux. Also, refer to this article by IP Router Login to understand better. We have a list of curated articles and blog posts related to wireless devices, their configuration, and troubleshooting tips.

Prerequisites for RouterSploit:

• Latest version of Python

• Good Internet Connection 

• Understanding of Command Line

• Installation of RouterSploit on Kali Linux Operating System

Step 1: Power On the machine

Step 2: Install Python and its Dependencies

In the next step, open Command-Line and install the latest version of Python, and also you must contain the following dependencies in your machine.

• Python3 (with pip)

• Requests

• Paramiko

• Beautifulsoup4

• Pysnmp

• Gnureadline (It is used only for users having macOS / Mac OS X)

Step 3: Enter the following command to install Python and Dependencies


Step 4: Install RouterSploit on Kali Machine, Mac OS, and other systems

• To install RouterSploit on Kali Machine, open the command line and enter the following commands:

• Similarly, you should open the terminal and enter the following commands to install RouterSploit on MacOS and MacOSx devices.


Step 5: Run RouterSploit

• Connect your system within a network of the router which you would like to scan. 

• Navigate towards the RouterSploit folder

• Run RouterSploit by typing the following commands

The framework of RouterSploit will appear on the screen, and it will keep up striking, similar to the Metasploit framework.

The command-line interface will permit you to input commands for scanning and exploiting the routers. And you can notice everything offered by RouterSploit by typing the command.

After running the command, it will display many exploits, default credentials, and scanners.


Step 6: Scan the Target

It is suggested to use the Autopwn scanner for searching vulnerabilities that apply in the target device. Note the router's IP Address and save it because it is required to input further steps. Mostly the IP Address of every router is You can use the Fing tool or ARP scan tool to search the IP Address if it is unknown.

In the next step, after starting RouterSploit, enter the Autopwn module by typing the following command. 

It is similar to the Metasploit tool.

The type used on the command line is followed by the module you wish to use.

• Type Show options to view the variable of the particular module which you have chosen.

• Typeset to set any of the variables that are displayed in the list of show options commands.

• Finally, type the run command to execute the module.

• Typeset target followed by the IP Address of the router and hit the enter button.

• Type Run button to begin scanning.

• Type exit at the end to the module's window and be prompted to the main screen.

Step 7: Sorting and Configuring the Exploit

• Once the scan gets completed, you will notice the list of vulnerabilities. You have an option to select one from the available list and decide which exploit is best for your requirements.

• To exploit the vulnerability, enter the following command mentioned below:

• use exploits/routers/3com/3cradsl72_info_disclosure

A list of vulnerabilities will display on the screen, and you are capable of setting your target by typing the following command:

It will set the targeted router and confirm its status of vulnerability.


Step 8: Run the Exploit

The selected target will be vulnerable, and to hit the payload type, run and press Enter.

If your exploit happens successfully, you will meet with the internal configurations and settings of the router, which will leak the secret information such as the login and passwords of the users along with the default passwords and derail a number of the device. It will also permit you to play with other router settings and compromise with the configuration of the targeted router. Additional modules will authorize you to inject the code casually or directly disclose the particular router's password. But, note it is dependent mainly upon the router which you targeted and its vulnerability.

Final Words

It is recommended for a new person to get familiar with the commands of RouterSploit and its running procedure. And secondly, you can try compromising other exploitation to the routers. While exploiting a router is fun but remember performing the attack without permission is a crime.