How To Set Up Free Wi-Fi For Customers

How To Set Up Free Wi-Fi For Customers
Credit: Mika Baumeister

In today’s fast and growing world, where one can use the Internet easily and safely by logging into IP addresses like, providing free Wi-Fi for customers is not optional as it once may have been. Rather, in most cases, it’s essential, as many people enjoy the opportunity to use Wi-Fi connections in locations like coffee shops. 

Free Wi-Fi is an integral part of the customer experience, but it also allows you to connect to the customers more reliably, to avoid stumbling blocks, and to make sure that the Wi-Fi service stands for everything the company believes in. The company needs to know as well as understand the following:

What Makes a Free Wi-Fi Connection More Essential?

The first and foremost step towards providing free Wi-Fi is that it should be fast, secure, and reliable; otherwise, the customer will become more annoyed, then it would eventually be because of no Wi-Fi.

The connection that the company is providing its customer should be like an essential service that it’s offering to visitors. It’s not worthy of settling down for a slow, sloppy, and not so user-friendly Wi-Fi connection as it will not only harm the image of the person providing Wi-Fi passwords but will harm the company’s reputation as well. The various reasons for a sloppy connection can be:

  • A service plan that does not meet the business ends.
  • Interference of other nearby networks.
  • Slow internet speed causing the customers to get irritated.
  • Traffic in internet connection causes it to fail hence results in no connection eventually.

Benefits Of Offering Free Wifi For Customers 

  1. Gain A Competitive Edge 

There are many customers who have their own businesses like restaurants, bars, hotels, so they need a WI-FI service. Those who have free and fast WI-FI have a great advantage over those that do not offer.

  1. Customer Would Spent More Time 

Free and Fast WI-FI helps customers to stay longer at your business place.

  1. Boosts Customer Retention Rates

By creating a positive experience for the people engaging for the first time. Free Wi-fi will attract customers and helps in establishing a strong bond of trust and loyalty

Secure Bandwidth To Provide A Fast, Reliable Internet Connection

Having robust bandwidth is one of the essential factors while providing free Wi-Fi as a router only does the job halfway; the other half is done by the bandwidth. Get an estimate of how much bandwidth would be required as most people today rely on mobile phones as they used to a decade before, hence if they bring their laptop, they will need a stable bandwidth. A standard guideline for bandwidth says 120 kbps per person. One should do the math and then see what kind of an internet plan meets their business needs.

The Wi-Fi Offered Should Have A Secure Connection.

Offering free Wi-Fi does not mean that the company will compromise with the security of their customers’ private data such as bank account numbers, passwords, other essential data, and also the company’s data. As this is also a customer experience issue, hence the experience should remain top-notch. First, check the router’s security protocol. Password standards have changed, but still, many routers provide old security protocols that are no more secure in today’s scenario.

The Business Network Of A Company Should Be Different From That Of The Free Wi-Fi Company Is Providing.

The most common way to secure your network from any cyber-attack of any malfunction is to separate your business network from the free Wi-Fi network. Set Service Identifier (SSID) is the technology that allows any guest to log in to your Wi-Fi without hurting the company’s data and keeping the business network barred from customers. There is a setting in SSID to schedule the automatic on and off times so that there is no digital door left open.

What Can You Do Right Now To Provide Free Wi-Fi To Customers?

Providing free Wi-Fi to the customers nowadays is not optional. It is mandatory as it comes under the essential services provided by the company to its customers. It can worsen the situation for the company to provide free Wi-Fi, as it is more hazardous for them if the connectivity is slow and sloppy. 

When the free Wi-Fi connection is set up, one should make sure that the connection is dependable, shielded, and accurate. Few viewpoints to keep in mind

  • Select the most dependable and safe Internet Service Provider (ISP) to assist in setting up a Wi-Fi router.
  • Keep regular checks on the equipment and hardware and make sure that they meet today’s company standards. 
  • Make sure that the device used is up to date and dependable, and there are no issues in connectivity.
  • The ID and password provided to the users should be easy enough so that it can suit every customer’s tech savviness, as there is a lot of variation in experience.
  • The business network should be separated from the free Wi-Fi network provided to the 
  • customers.
  • There should be enough ISP bandwidth that can be used so that traffic on the internet remains sorted. There tend to be a lot more mobile phones than laptops and desktops in a company.
  • Customers should agree to the terms and conditions applied as this will protect the company’s data from getting distorted. This will also help in maintaining a healthy relationship between customer and company. 
  • Filtering tools can be employed to have higher bandwidth.
  • Make sure the ID and password are easy to grasp and accessible for visitors coming into the office.