Market List Changelog


  • Removed Nightmare Market from market list. Potential exit scam announced.
  • Removed Monopoly Market from market list. Offline for unknown reasons.
  • Added screenshots to some markets. 


  • Removed Libertas Market from market list. Offline for unknown reasons.
  • Created separate forum list.


  • Added Monopoly Market to market list. Back online at onion address and open for business.


  • Added DarkBay to market list.


  • Removed BlackMart from market list.


  • Removed Canada Headquarters from market list.
  • Removed Cryptonia Market from market list.
  • Removed DarkBay from market list.
  • Updated DarkMarket link.
  • Removed Dream Alt from market list.
  • Removed Genesis Market from market list.
  • Removed o3shop from market list.
  • Removed Silk Road 3.1 from market list.
  • Removed Tochka Market from market list.
  • Added Cypher Market to market list.


  • Removed BitBazaar from market list (exit scam)


  • Added DeepSea Market to market list
  • Changed URLs for Empire Market
  • Added Versus Market to market list
  • Added Vice City to market list
  • Added Enigma Market to market list
  • Added ToRRez Market to market list
  • Added PGP keys to many markets; will add the rest soon.


  • Removed Empire Market from market list (suspected exit scam)


  • Added Royal Market

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