New Darknet Market Cannamed Officially Launches

New Darknet Market Cannamed Officially Launches

According to an announcement on Darknetlive, the darknet market Cannamed officially launched on June 16, 2020. An excerpt from the post, written by /u/devil, reads:

Thanks to /u/f0rtuna and his skilled devs, Cannamed is online and currently having the final few bugs ironed out, and content being added.

We are excited to announce our official launch a day from now (depending on your timezone, it’s already the 16th for me ;)

The forum and website is running off of Envoy’s new custom CMS, and once you see it in all of its glory, we have no doubt you’ll agree - she’s beautiful.

At present, those wishing to contact the market's staff should do so through their subdread; the staff are listed on the sidebar. /u/devil requests that if you do contact the staff on Dread, "...and it’s more than just general chit-chat or general discussion, please PGP encrypt your message to us, via modmail. Cannamed Public PGP key is located at the top of this page under the banner. Use it. If you don’t know how to use PGP, learn."

While the market is new, and therefore doesn't have much for sale yet, as they begin to gain traction, this is likely to change (as with all darknet markets when they first start out).