Nightmare Market Review and Tutorial

WARNING: Nightmare Market is in the process of exit scamming. We do not recommend signing up for a new account at this time. Do so at your own risk.

Nightmare Market Review and Tutorial

WARNING: Nightmare Market is in the process of exit scamming. We do not recommend signing up for a new account at this time. Do so at your own risk.

Don't let the name frighten you; Nightmare Market is a multisig darknet market that emphasizes privacy, anonymity, and friendly customer service. They sell a variety of goods, including drugs, digital goods, and fraud-related items. Along with Empire Market, Nightmare Market is considered to be one of the top markets at the time of this writing.  


Note: As with many of the other markets at the time of this writing, Nightmare Market has been experiencing DDoS attacks. These links were found on both the official site and on

How to Access Nightmare Market

Tor Browser 8.5.2

Like most of the other markets that we’ll be reviewing, Nightmare Market is available through the Tor network (as designated by its .onion domain name), and can be used with the Tor Browser. We have a tutorial for accessing onion sites here, if this is your first time:

If the market appears to be offline, try one of the mirror sites above.

Creating an Account

Creating an account on Nightmare is a relatively simple process. Go to the registration link at http://oyqfhp3h5yo3kvse.onion/register (for example), and you should see this:

nightmare market register

The required information is as follows:

  • Username: the username you want for your account. We do not suggest reusing a name you have associated with other accounts, unless you’re a vendor on other markets already and want to be recognized.

  • Display Name: your display name should be different from your username, for security reasons.

  • Password: self-explanatory, but make sure that it’s difficult for others (including a computer) to guess your password.

  • Confirm Password: re-type your password.

  • Six-digits PIN: your PIN is used to withdraw bitcoins for purchases. Like with your password, make sure it’s easy to remember.

  • Confirm PIN: re-type your PIN.

  • Security Code: this is a CAPTCHA that will change each time you reload the page. It also helps prevent DDoS attacks.

Once you fill out all this information, your registration should be complete. 

Interface and Functions

nightmare interface

Nightmare Market has a simple but effective (and user friendly) interface. On the left sidebar are all the categories pertaining to different types of items that the market sells: Drugs, Fraud, etc. This layout is quite similar to most of the other popular markets, as a matter of fact.

To the right of the categories (at the top of the page) are search filters, which we'll cover in more detail below. Each listing has a title and preview image, accompanied by the price and the name of the vendor. You can purchase any items you want to buy from this interface; the vendors' profiles are clickable and can be accessed via this display as well.

In addition, you can view your balance of BTC, XMR, LTC, BCH, DASH, or ZEC by clicking on the "Balance" menu, view your orders by clicking on "Orders," get help by clicking on "Support," or see any notifications by clicking on "Notifications." Plus, if you click on your username, a dropdown menu appears in which you can change your settings or set up security options (like 2FA).

All in all, Nightmare seems to have a very helpful and easy-to-use interface. Having the categories on the sidebar at left is quite convenient, and it's also simple to find and use the search functions and other options. The only options which may be a little difficult to find are the FAQ, forum, and subdread; these links are located at the very bottom of the page:

nightmare faq

Categories and Listings

NOTE: These listings are accurate as of the time of this writing, but will definitely change.

There are a large variety of categories and listings on this market - it isn't merely limited to drugs, either. The list is as follows:

  • Drugs - 59666
    • Benzos - 3387
    • Cannabis - 12212
    • Dissociatives - 2380
    • Ecstasy - 7067
    • Opioids - 2500
    • Paraphernalia - 151
    • Prescription - 3342
    • Psychedelics - 3561
    • Steroids - 2591
    • Stimulants - 7454
    • Other - 450
    • Drug Precursors - 165
    • RCs - 353
    • Weight loss - 106
    • Barbiturates - 54
    • Reagents - 44
  • Fraud - 4795
    • Accounts & Drops - 1432
    • Cards & CVV - 838
    • Data & Scans - 604
    • Dumps - 175
    • Other - 779
    Services - 852
    • Energy Control - 86
    • Other - 493
  • Guides & Tutorials - 2904
    • Drugs - 97
    • Fraud - 1224
    • Hacking - 201
    • Security - 112
    • Other - 533
  • Digital Products - 5434
    • Databases - 882
    • E-books - 423
    • Fraud Software - 397
    • Leaks - 81
    • Legit Software - 408
    • Software Keys - 25
    • Other - 2149
  • Counterfeit - 4951
    • Tobacco - 83
    • Clothing - 353
    • Fake IDs - 1073
    • Jewelry - 360
    • Money - 1455
    • Other - 274
  • Hosting & Security - 561
    • VPN - 98
    • SOCKS - 57
    • Hosting - 96
  • Software & Malware - 764
    • Botnets and Malware - 80
    • Exploit Kits - 48
    • Exploits - 29
    • Rats - 12
    • Security Software - 85
    • Other - 153
  • Erotica - 3052
    • Erotica - 2075
  • Miscellaneous - 940
    • Miscellaneous - 497

You may notice a discrepancy in some of the numbers on the categories, such as "Miscellaneous"; this is due to the fact that not all listings are labeled with a subcategory. As on most of the other darknet markets, the drugs category is the most popular and has the largest number of listings. Even so, there are quite a few digital products as well. If you click on a category, you'll see listings to the right pertaining to it. Also, under many of the subcategories are additional subcategories. For instance, under "Cannabis," you can find "Weed," "Hash," "Concentrates," "Edibles," and "Seeds." Under "Ecstasy," you can find "MDMA," "MDA," and "XTC Pills."

nightmare market mdma 

Forbidden Items

As on most markets, Nightmare also forbids the sale of certain items. These consist of the following:

  • Prostitution
  • Child pornography
  • Murder-for-hire (hitman) services
  • Weapons
  • Personal information about Russian citizens

Search Functions and Filters

At the top of the homepage, Nightmare has a search field. Type the name of any product (or anything else you're searching for) into this field to get related listings.

nightmare search filters

Once you've done the initial search, you can then further narrow it down using the search filters. These consist of the following:

  • Category - these correspond to the categories shown above (e.g. "Drugs," "Fraud").
  • Type - Only Digital or Only Physical.
  • Payment - Escrow or FE.
  • Minimum Price 
  • Maximum Price
  • Ships From - the country of origin of the product.
  • Ships To - the country the product is being shipped to.
  • Sort By - Date, Price, Quantity, Status, Orders Number, Vendor last activity
  • Order - Ascending or Descending.
  • Display Name - type in the name of a listing (e.g. "5 Gram Weed")

As an example, do a search for "DMT," and set the category to "Drugs," the Minimum Price to "5.00," and the Maximum Price to "30.00." You should see results similar to this:

nightmare search filters

Overall, this search system seemed very easy to use and helpful. We were able to find a number of different items with these tools without much difficulty. Of course, if the item in question isn't for sale, you won't get any results. 

How to Choose the Right Vendor

This can sometimes be a difficult process, as no matter how reputable the market is, there's always a possibility of getting scammed or not receiving your goods. For this reason, the vendors on Nightmare Market have Trust Levels displayed on their profiles. Trust Levels come from the number of successful transactions a vendor has completed, as well as the amount of positive and negative feedback she's received. Therefore, if a vendor has a higher trust level, in theory, she should be a more reliable vendor.

nightmare vendor profile

Even so, in some cases people will manipulate stats like these (such as using the aforementioned feedback padding), so it helps to analyze any feedback that the vendor has received; at the very least, Nightmare has a policy against this and will ban vendors caught using it. If you're still unsure, you can sign up on the forum and ask questions. Plus, you too can leave vendor reviews (positive or negative) on the forum to help others make the same decisions. Ultimately, it will come down to making an actual purchase and seeing if the quality is good, of course. Therefore, if you have a bad experience, it would make sense to choose a different vendor.

How to Become a Vendor

If you look at the "Browse Categories" section of the site, you'll see a button that says "Become Vendor" in the upper righthand corner:

become vendor button

Click this button, and you'll be taken to a separate page which explains the rules for vendors. You can also get to this page by clicking the "Vendor" menu at the top of the screen on the homepage. The rules are as follows (quoted from the site):

On this page you can apply for your vendor account. Take time to read the rules below, make sure your account security is 80%, agree to the terms and pay. You will then be able to create listings and start selling.


#2 Two factor authentification (2FA) is mandatory for all vendors and will be automatically activated when you become a vendor.

#3 FE (Finalize early) is not permitted unless you get permission later. You will get banned without a refund or warning if you ask for FE without permission.

#4 If you get too many scam allegations, we hold the right to revoke your vendor account at any time.

#5 There is a USD 500 vendor bond (0.04193955 BTC or 5.081817 XMR or 3.756010 LTC or 1.157461 BCH or 2.972475 DASH or 4.437739 ZEC at the current rate). Refundable after 3 months / if no scam reports and 100 % fair deals.

#6 All sellers must have a PGP key in their profile before starting to sell so buyers can contact you securely.

#7 Prostitution, child porn and murder services are not permitted, personal informations about Russian citizens is also prohibited.

#8 Doxing or threat of doxing will result in an immediate ban.

#9 Digital orders auto-finalize after 7 days, and physical orders auto-finalize after 21 days.

#10 Any form of feedback padding (positive/negative) will result in an immediate and irreversible ban.

#11 the sale of guns/weapons/poisons or any items that can harm a life is strictly forbidden and will result in an immediate and irreversible ban.

#12 We have the right to withhold any coins still within the Vendor account if the Vendor is accused of not respecting the general vending rules. This right is undisputable.

#13 We do not participate in discussion about any of the terms above, made decisions stand and will not be reversed.

#14 Any transactions that are continued or finalized outside of Nightmare market on external services like Jabber, Telegram, Wickr, Sky message, Encrochat,... are strictly prohibited, they will result in an irreversible ban and have to be reported immediately.

#15 Using vendor names as your own listing tags to attract their clients is forbidden. Please use your own names as keywords!

After reading the rules, you need to pay the vendor bond, which is explained in rule 5 above; this can be paid in Monero (XMR), Bitcoin (BTC), Litecoin (LTC), or Bitcoin Cash (BCH).

You also need to enable 2FA and add a PIN to change your account security settings in order to make your account into a vendor account.

How to Add and Withdraw Funds

To add funds into your account, either click on the "Balance" menu at the top of the screen, or click on one of the links next to the different cryptocurrencies (BTC, etc.).

add funds

As the instructions point out, you send coins to the address displayed in the gray box above. Your balance is updated after four confirmations on the Blockchain, which takes about one hour or more to complete. Like in cases with other bitcoin transactions, your address will change after each deposit, but for convenience purposes, deposits to your previous address will be credited for 720 hours after the initial payment. Also, as it says in the screenshot, you need to deposit at least 0.001 BTC, or your coins will be lost. Nightmare has an internal coin mixer, so you won't need to use a separate one (like CoinMixer). 

You can also withdraw funds on this same page. This requires a transaction fee of 1%, including network fees. When making a withdrawal, you need to supply the following information:

  • Send a single transaction (Yes or No)
  • BTC Address
  • Amount
  • Six-Digits PIN (from when you registered)
  • Security Code (a CAPTCHA)

How to Buy Products

Once you have BTC (or whichever cryptocurrency you choose) in your account, you can proceed to buy products on the market. Find the product you're looking for (either by using the search function or just browsing through the categories), and when you come across it, click on its corresponding "Buy" button. We found this process to be quite easy and self-explanatory, for the most part.

nightmare market buy product

After clicking the "Buy" button, you'll arrive on a separate page for the individual product. This page has a more detailed description of the product in question, including information about shipping, the total price, and the quantity.

nightmare market purchase 

In full, the following information is listed here:

  • Product Class - the type of product (Physical, Digital)
  • Quantity Left - the amount of the product left for sale
  • Views - the number of views that the listing has 
  • Visibility - Public or Private
  • Ends In - when the sale ends; if it doesn't, it will say "Never."
  • Payment - Escrow, Multisig, or Finalize Early (FE)
  • Ships From - the country the product ships from
  • Ships To - the country or countries where the product can be shipped to
  • Total Purchase Price - the full amount of your order
  • Shipping - options as to how the product should be shipped (this varies by vendor and listing)
  • Quantity - the amount you want
  • Pay with - the cryptocurrency you want to use (this varies by vendor)
  • Maximum Quantity - the largest amount of this product you can order

Once you've filled out all the options in this section, hit the green "Order" button, and you'll be taken to a confirmation page. On the confirmation page, review your order and make sure that everything is the way you want it, and then confirm it.

Support and Help

Similar to most of the other major markets, Nightmare has a support system. This is not unlike IT support on mainstream websites; you create a ticket and give it a title to designate what your issue is. Then, in the box below, describe your issue in detail; if it's too vague, the support team won't be able to help you. Once you finish, you'll have to fill out another CAPTCHA (as you did when you logged in).

nightmare market support

As you can see, with regard to shipping, you can only open a dispute after the general shipping time has passed (in this case, 7 days for domestic and 21 days for international). In other words, expect your order to take a reasonable amount of time to arrive, whatever it may be.

Pros and Cons


  • Wide variety of goods, including drugs, digital goods, and malware programs
  • Accepts multiple cryptocurrencies (BTC, LTC, XMR, and others)
  • Easy to navigate and has a good support system
  • Helpful search function with useful filters


  • Some links have experienced downtime due to DDoS attacks (this is happening to most major markets right now)
  • Search function occasionally didn't work (typed in a search and the next page would be blank)
  • While in the process of doing the review, someone attempted (unsuccesfully) to brute force our password to steal our coins. Enabling 2FA and having a strong password should help alleviate this issue, of course.