PancakeSwap Tracker: Must be User Friendly

Dexfolio created this multi-platform smart solution to simplify DeFi trading including PancakeSwap tracker. It's the first mobile-first portfolio tracker with intelligent price alerts!

PancakeSwap Tracker: Must be User Friendly
Pancakeswap Portfolio Tracker App

There's something about the values behind DeFi that has touched a chord in the hearts of investors. Decentralized finance appeals to many in a marketplace that has long been controlled by third parties who hold all the power.

DeFi is different. It gives everyone an equal opportunity to take advantage of its benefits and have a say in its future. Perhaps this is why it has experienced such explosive growth over the past couple of years. One of the most popular DeFi exchanges right now is PancakeSwap, which has enjoyed massive growth over the past year.

PancakeSwap: The most fun you can have on the Binance Smart Chain

With its cute graphics and colorful user interface, PancakeSwap is not only a serious way to get into the DeFi market, but it's also visually appealing and fun. No wonder it is the most popular Automatic Market Maker (AMM) on the Binance Smart Chain.

PancakeSwap has had a busy year or so, rising from nothing to being at the top of the list for BSC. With many more features planned for the future, including its entry into the NFT marketplace, there are plenty of opportunities for investors to add some CAKE to their portfolios or get into some syrup pools, and to have fun while they invest.

It wasn't always so much fun ...

With plenty of opportunities to make money came the issue of portfolio tracking as the industry scrambled to keep up with the explosive growth of DeFi. Portfolio trackers were often unsuited for use in the DeFi world, and developers have been hard at work creating solutions to connect users to their favorite exchanges.

The new generation of tracker apps

Seeing the need for applications without the inherent problems in many of the current offerings, developers such as the Dexfolio team have answered the call. The team's mission has been to create a tracking app that puts the user experience first. It features a beautifully designed dashboard and takes the approach that less is more, including only the features most used by its community. This makes it fast and simple to use. You can try it now at

Easy access to all your data

Dexfolio believes you should have easy access to all your data. Unfortunately, crypto has gained a bad reputation in the wider community because there is a perception that it is too complex for the average person to get into. People believe it's only for experienced traders or experts because it is confusing, difficult to understand, and inaccessible.

To a point, it's up to the industry to remedy this perception by making it more accessible for the average user. This is where user-friendly technology helps to open the door to first-time or inexperienced traders, enabling them to experience the platform of their choice without fear or confusion.

Data must be easy to understand

Everyone starts somewhere, and for a first-time trader, it can be overwhelming. There's almost an entirely new language to learn; the average person with little or no crypto knowledge doesn't understand terms such as chain, staking, tokens, coins, farm rewards, liquidity pools, what a wallet is ... and CAKE is something you eat! 

Fraud and scams are something that the industry is well-known for, and simply confirm newbie fears that they don't know what they're doing and should leave it for the experts.

Therefore, it's important for new and inexperienced users to have a good experience with trading so they can gain confidence and become part of the fabric of the industry.

Technology to the rescue

As technology catches up to the demands of the DeFi world, it is imperative that it can offer all users the assurance of ready access to data and the best security available. This is especially important for increasing the acceptance of DeFi as a worthwhile financial option rather than a risky activity that only specialists should engage in.

Crypto services you can count on

Portfolio holders will agree that it's become far more difficult to track data than it was in the early days when traders managed their tokens and transactions manually.

The new generation of tracker apps is intended to simplify what has become a tedious and time-consuming chore. With a user-friendly dashboard, traders can get accurate price feeds, watch tokens, and connect a wallet or many wallets. Good trackers offer meaningful price alerts and support more than one platform for flexibility, and they supply data in real time.

An app for decisions on the go

Dexfolio's app offers users the option to make decisions on the go rather than miss an opportunity. It supports the Binance Smart Chain as well as the Ethereum chain. Users can customize price alert data by setting parameters across the entire portfolio, then adjusting for individual coins. The app is available for Android and ios.

A good way to enjoy your CAKE

There's nothing sweeter than eating cake, as any sweet-tooth would agree. It's even better when trading your CAKE is an enjoyable experience that also happens to grow your wealth. If you're a new user, don't be deterred by the complexities of the DeFi system. If you haven't already, try one of the new generations of tracking apps for simplicity and ease of use. It's a much sweeter experience than wrestling with technology that is unsuited to the world of DeFi.

A note on security

DeFi has not been trouble-free since its inception, and in this aspect, it deserves its reputation for being risky. Some great heists have taken place as shady characters continue to find ways to make off with the loot.

The best thing you can do to protect your investments is to form strong passwords, store them in an offline wallet, and don't submit important data (such as private keys) to any third-party site. Industry recommendations are to keep your data and private information ... private.

Ready ... set ... go!

With PancakeSwap poised to rise to even greater heights and a new generation of tracking apps making it easier for entry to the platform, investors are set to reap some sweet rewards in the future. That's a win for everyone.