Russian crypto exchange hacked!

LiveCoin service was under attack in December 2020

Russian crypto exchange hacked!

Dear clients, as we reported earlier, our service were under attack in December 2020. Investigation is in active phase right now. Our service has been damaged hard in technical and financial way. There is no way to continue operative business in these conditions, so we take a hard decision to close the business and paying the remaining funds to clients.

Our clients have to contact us via email to get payments after passing verification procedure. We accept claims for payments for the next 2 months. 17 March 2021 is the last day of accepting your requests, after this date no new requests will be accepted.

Please send your username and registration date in Livecoin. You will get detailed instructions in reply. Requests are accepted only from email used for registration in our service. Please use English or Russian languages only.

We apologize for an existing situation and ask you to keep calm, including your conversation with support officers. Our service and team bear hard losses as well as our clients. In case of abuse and threats in conversation, the claim can be declined.

We have to warn you about tons of fake groups in different messengers and other channels, where people represent themselves as our team members, insiders, hackers etc. Participating in these groups you run a high risk, because we have no any groups. The only official statements are made on this website. Do not send money to anyone. You don't have to pay to get back your funds from us, the only thing you need is to send a request and follow simple procedure.