Torum Closes Down

The popular cybersecurity and hacking forum Torum recently announced that it is shutting down.

Torum Closes Down
Credit: Nahel Abdul Hadi

The popular cybersecurity and hacking forum Torum recently announced that it is shutting down. The administrator posted this revelation on the landing page of the site, and thanked the moderators and staff for all of their work.

The full message of the announcement reads as follows:

I am retiring. I ran Torum for over 3 years, the truth is I lost the passion for hosting Torum a long time ago but kept it online for the community. Torum has always been a non-profit project for me, even to the extent of rejecting donations. We grew to be a strong community of over 130,000 members. Compared to how some other projects conclude, hosting for over 3 years and wrapping up on my own terms is what I would consider being successful

Is it possible Torum returns in the future? Maybe. But I’m taking a break from the darkweb for a while, so even if Torum did possibly return it wouldn’t be anytime soon. Is it possible I give Torum away to someone I think is capable of hosting it and they relaunch it? Who knows. Maybe that could work, but again, I’m not rushing into anything. What I can say is Torum is gone for the foreseeable future, potentially permanently.

Thank you to everyone that contributed to the growth of Torum. Thank you to all Torum moderators, past and present, without you Torum would have been a spammed out mess. To all the people that tried to take Torum down over the last 3 years, I hold no grudges. I wish a prosperous future to everyone.


A PGP-signed copy of the same message can be found on Torum’s onion site., which also discussed this occurrence, has a copy of the administrator’s PGP key as well, for verification.

Torum’s moderation staff worked hard to keep the forum free of spam, phishing, and law enforcement monitoring. According to Darknet Live, other major forums on Tor, such as Dread and Envoy, have encountered near-insurmountable problems with spam and DDoS attacks, hence why a dedicated staff are such an important asset to a site like this. 

At the time of this writing, Torum is offline, and it seems that it will be for good. As of yet, while there are other hacking forums on Tor, no site that is quite the same exists, though this void is likely to be filled in the near future.