Torum Hacking Forum Review and Tutorial

Review of the cybersecurity forum Torum

Torum Hacking Forum Review and Tutorial

NOTE: Torum is shutting down. Do not sign up for a new account at this time.

Torum is a nonprofit cybersecurity forum that started in May of 2017. It isn't a "market" in the standard sense, although there are some threads on it related to darknet markets. It's a good place for general information about Tor and OPSEC. 




How to Access Torum

As with all of the other sites we've discussed so far, Torum is hosted on the Tor network and requires the Tor Browser to access. The tutorial How to Access Tor (.Onion) Sites explains this in a bit more detail, but it really isn't all that difficult.

Things You Will Need

Most darknet markets require you to use bitcoin or some other cryptocurrency to make purchases, but since items aren't sold directly on Torum, you don't necessarily have to have any bitcoin in order to use it. However, if your intention is to buy something, you will eventually need one of these types of coins. 

Many sites will also insist that you need a VPN provider with Tor, but this is one of the most popular myths regarding Tor. You can use one if you want to, but it's optional. If you do, make sure you research the different options before choosing one.

Creating an Account

The account creation process on Torum is easy, even compared to most marketplaces, which sometimes require a lot of detail. First, however, the site displays its rules. After you hit "Accept," you will then be taken to the registration page.

All that the registration process requires is a username and password, and you can then log in as normal.

Interface and Functions

Like most Tor forums, Torum also has a relatively simple interface.

Links to its “About” page, “Rules,” “Links,” and “Unread Posts” are at the top left of the main page. Below this, each forum board is sorted into categories, such as “Beginners Lounge,” “Marketplace Discussions,” “Challenges,” and “Services.” Once you make 10 posts in other sections of the site, you can then access the “Services” and “Intel Exchange” sections.

It’s worth noting that as a security measure, if you’re inactive on the site for a certain amount of time, you will be asked to fill out another CAPTCHA, but this doesn’t log you out of the site.

All in all, it seems very easy to use, and functions the same way as most other Tor forums

Forum Threads of Interest

While it doesn’t have categories and listings like standard marketplaces do, there are a number of intriguing threads. A few of these include:


  • Packers/Crypter
  • Online sandbox malware analysis
  • XSS Challenge
  • OvertheWire CTF
  • Empire Market
  • Best OPSEC Setup (Operations Security) Stay Safe!
  • Act I - Hacking Guide OPSec and WiFi Hacking


Occasionally, the topics are related to darknet markets, but more often than not, they revolve around OPSEC, cybersecurity, and hacking/cracking subjects. 

Search Functions and Filters

Torum has a relatively simple search function. Type in whatever search term you may be looking for, like “hacking” or “ransomware,” and the results will show threads related to this. Within those results, you can then narrow your search by a second term. So if your first search was “hacking,” for example, you could narrow it by searching for “hacking websites.” 

While not as complex as the search functions on some marketplaces, this isn’t really an issue, as there are fewer items to sort through as you would find on a marketplace.

How to Buy Products

Because it isn’t like a typical market, you can’t buy products directly from Torum. Even so, there are several threads about marketplaces (mostly Empire Market, which may or may not have a partnership with Torum). These are good discussions to learn more information about the markets, and in the process, you may be able to find good sites or vendors to buy from.


Torum doesn’t have a typical “Support” section like most markets, but in the “Beginners Lounge” and “General Discussions” threads, you may be able to ask technical questions. The site also has an FAQ section at Torum FAQ, which may answer most of the questions that a beginner would have.

Pros and Cons


  • Very informative and useful forum about cybersecurity, hacking, and OPSEC-related topics
  • Easy to register and navigate
  • Provides interesting links to other Tor sites that may be of interest


  • No typical support feature (though there are threads where you can ask questions)
  • Some threads provide misinformation or spam (take everything with a grain of salt)